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Friends Lock [Mar. 2nd, 2030|02:06 am]
This Journal is at present, entirely friends locked. So assuming this is true at the time you view my journal, this is the public post for you to comment to be added, and let me know why you are adding me as a friend. :)
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Day In The Life September 4th [Sep. 17th, 2014|06:12 am]
I missed the submission period for the community but I still wanted to post this, because I went through the effort of doing the photos :-P

So here is my Day In The Life for Thursday Sept 4

I"m afraid these pictures might come out huge so cutting everythingCollapse )
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Friends? [Mar. 2nd, 2011|11:04 am]
So last night I posted f-locked about how I was able to mass edit the privacy of my old entries. I notice I have several people who have me added as a friend who I do not have added as friends.
Here is the thing- I do not just add people back who add me. If you want me to add you back, I ask that you comment saying you added me and preferably WHY. I'm actually not really picky about who I will be lj friends with, there are not strict requirements really- preferably you are racist/sexist/et cetera ists, an asshole, stalking me, et cetera. And if you only post/comment in a language other than English, I probably won't add simply because I won't be able to read it.

But, still, I work from the assumption that folks who add me are just doing random adds, creepsters, too many lj friends that they don't follow people or care except to up the numbers, or using it for advertising bullshit, until you comment to tell me this isn't the case.

Anyways- my point is- this would be a good time to check if you are actually friended back by me. If you aren't, and read this, and want to be, say something to me here, now.
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